Part 1 on Guatemala: Crystallization of the 'Death Squad Democracy' model, now the preferred method of policymakers ...

...orchestrating and underwriting 'political guidance by excessive human slaughter'......


Part_2 on Mexico-
who for half a century has avoided intimate relations with the US Military establishment, maintaining survivable human rights practices until NAFTA. Mexico now sends military trainess to be warped at Fort Benning's "School of the Americas",

has summarily deleted inconvenient Sections of their own Constitution, began the practice of slaughtering Indian populations by the village, and generally embracing the US inspired ruling strategy for Latin American client states.


Part 3 Indonesia-How IMF / theWorldBank / US Foreign Policy orchestrate oppression and extinguish the flames of

Democracy, hopes of Liberty, and often the very lives of the People in emerging nations.


A compelling and terrifying perspective of those looking into a gun barrel.


excerpt sanitized for mass consumption from The Bravest man I Never Met

Last week, at St Thomas Univ. , these recordings of Allan Nairn were made by Otis Maclay and Wally James.... I got to meet the guy who had already impressed me as the braves
t man I never met.
This past summer, the UN oversaw a referendum in E.Timor which overwhelming voted for self-rule after a world-record 98% voter turnout...... the Timorese thinking perhaps: "They can't kill us all"

This triggered a premeditated rampage by the occupying Indonesian forces which threatened to do just that.

So fierce was the murder and destruction, the UN, Red Cross, all diplomatic persons, and every reporter from every outlet in every Nation fled the country. They left only a handful of straggled workers who failed to escape or chanced to remain behind razor wire at the mercy of armed death squads and forces who would murder or disappear over 30% of the population.

Reporting Live from Death, via Cell-Phone..... Allan Nairn.... hunkered down in the few remaining structures left in the Capitol. Not because he's stoopid. This sort of presence is necessary to prevent the denial of events by the US Mass Media whose owners supply the military and death squads their arms and instruments of mass murder. Intelligence and hit lists provided by US agencies. Allan's continuous avoidance of capture, and daily reports ARE the record of the Indonesian Army displaying the cost of freedom to the surrounding populations..

The truth cannot be denied or even left unreported. No debriefings, coverStories or need to dismiss the WILD claims of those flaky left-liberal propagandists.

This sort of reporting often ends in capture, and soon Allan was reporting from the interrogatioin facility, and then he was silent. When reporter Amy Goodman confirmed the intentions of the Indonesians to imprison Allan, the phones in Washington rang.

And then he was home.

I scanned the NET for Allan's photo, this is the best I could do, it leaves a bit to the imagination. Always good to see Amy, though. and my old friend the Shure sm-58 vocal mike.
Journalist Allan Nairn speaking (via cell phone held by Pacifica radio reporter Amy Goodman) to 500 people attending a demonstration for East Timor across from United Nations in New York on September 19. Allan was in military custody in West Timor, after having been arrested in East Timor a few days earlier.


Even the conclusion of his journey revealed the truth of Nairn's analysis. He's alive because he's a US citizen.....

Perhaps the US was not calling shots in this mass slaughter of civilians, but they could have, and they could have Just Say No™, the way they Just Say No™ to Allan's incarceration. The Pentagon, or Clinton , or who ever was running the dogs that week, could have made the call early, and saved hundred thousands. Children, nuns, priests, women machined gunned, hacked up, or buried alive. Maybe WE should have called early, the way we rang the phones when Allan was grabbed.. Maybe we should be calling now to prevent the next E.Timor, El Salvador, Guatemala..... ask can catch him between slaughterhouse and killing field, there because he has to be.....
someone has to follow our tax dollar down the gun barrels...

               out the muzzles

                            to see what befalls them.